There is a huge array of wood out there from which we can create beautiful staircases. The skilled joiners at Stairway Joinery work with the following wood types to produce our staircases:

Ash Staircases and Staircase Features

Ash is a creamy white to light brown heartwood with side light sapwood. It stains well and tends to darken over time, making it the perfect choice for traditional staircases. While its properties make it fantastic for interiors, Ash is not suitable for external joinery projects.

Ash Staircases

Beech Staircases and Staircase Features

European Beech has a whitish to biscuit colour and usually has a straight grain. It is considered a sustainable material because the amount of beech harvested is lower than new growth. It is predominantly used for furniture and cabinet making but is equally impressive as a stair material.

Beech Staircases

Oak Staircases and Staircase Detailing

European and American Oak is one of the most popular hardwoods and is used regularly in staircase manufacturing and other internal joinery. The colour varies from pale yellow-brown to biscuit with a pinkish tint. The sapwood is nearly white and it has a straight grain.

Oak Staircases

Black Walnut Staircases and Staircase Features

This premium heartwood ranges from light brown to deep purplish brown and has a pale yellow sapwood. The grain is wavy and has small tight burls, making it an impressive staircase material that offers a truly unique finish.

Ash Staircases

Iroko Staircases and Staircase Finishes

Iroko is brown to golden orange in colour, which will change significantly over time. It has an interlocking irregular grain and is naturally resistant to decay, making it an excellent choice for external joinery projects.

Iroko Staircases

Sapele Staircases and Staircase Finishes

Sapele is dark to reddish-brown in colour and has a straight but random grain. It can be stained to look very dark in colour and it is likened to mahogany. Thanks to its hardwearing and durable nature, it is a fantastic choice for staircases situated in high traffic areas.

Sapele Staircases

Softwood (Redwood & Whitewood) 

Softwood is the most common timber used in staircase production and forms the majority of elements in a staircase. Softwood can be stained or varnished but is generally painted, giving you the freedom to create a uniquely coloured staircase. 

Softwood Staircases

Hemlock Staircases and Staircase Finishes

Hemlock is a cost effective softwood alternative to the likes of oak and ash hardwoods, where the customer wishes to stain, or oil the material. It is a clean and bright softwood sourced from North America with no knots. Its colour is pale brown to white and is straight grained with an even texture.

Hemlock Texture

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